Gabbai’s Corner: To the Future

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November/December 2017 ~ Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet ~ Vol. 5778

By Gene Lindow

We have just finished another High Holiday season and my hope is that all of us have been sealed in the Book of Life for the upcoming year. I also want to thank everyone who helped make the services possible. It was truly a community effort.

As ritual chairperson I need your help to provide members of the committee your feedback (likes/dislikes) of how services were presented. The committee is always looking at new and exciting ways for us to experience our religion.

Just around the corner is Chanukah. It was a time in our history where there was sadness and oppression. Then came liberation and the freedom to practice our religion that was appropriate during that time period. For me it is a holiday that layers good feelings of hope as the progression of the candle lighting glows brighter each night until the “finale.”

As the 2017 year is drawing to its finale, it becomes more apparent that time and life is truly flying at a very fast rate. The constant unknown in our lives is simply, THE FUTURE. May the next days and
months bring you nothing but nachas (joy). If challenges come into your life, know that to the best of our ability your MCJC family will
be available for support and comfort.

Happy Chanukah and beyond!

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