New Year; “New” Kitchen

MCJC Connections
November/December 2017 ~ Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet ~ Vol. 5778

In the frenzy of activities leading up to this year’s
High Holy Days, some very ambitious, brave members
collaborated to give our kitchen a fresh look.

Eileen Franks, Adrienne Himmelfarb, Esther Kaplan and Leslie Cook painstakingly organized and cleaned our community

Our MCJC Maintenance Crew followed up and attached new red knobs on cabinets in the rearranged meat section, added power sources, added a shelf for disposables so they are more accessible and easier to track and carried out the gargantuan task of cleaning the adhesive off the counter tops from contact paper. A big Todah Rabbah to Dale Mortenson, Steve Borress and Gene Lindow.

As part of the much-needed project, a small, new
refrigerator was purchased by Eileen Franks for upstairs, to be
used for Shabbat morning Kiddushes.

In coming days, we hope to order a few new items so that we have fully operational dairy, meat and pareve sections. With the cleaning and reorganizing, filling in some missing pieces, our new little refrigerator and some quality equipment we purchased with our Israel Day grant, we can enjoy and learn together in our community kitchen.

Todah Rabbah, everyone!

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