Religious School News: The School Year Has Started

MCJC Connections
November/December 2017 ~ Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet ~ Vol. 5778

By Jennifer Schwartz

Hello families and congregants! What a busy, fun-filled year we have
had so far!

Beginning with Rosh Hashanah, our Gabbai, Gene Lindow, spoke to the children about the shofar and how it is incorporated into the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. He also supplied each of the children with their own shofar to practice with and blow at family Tashlich as well as the end of Ne’ilah services. The sanctuary was full of the sounds of delighted children when they practiced their first tekiah gedolah with Gene and his “big shofar”! Don’t hesitate to visit Facebook with the hashtag #littleshulontheprairie to get a glimpse of the giggles and trumpeting yourself!

The Family Services were filled with visions of Clifford making a mess and cleaning it up (and don’t forget, he says “sorry” too!), stories of The Hardest Word and Jonah and the whale AND the worm, and handing in Cheerios to represent things we can do better next year. Thank you so much to Paula Eskoz, Davina Kelly, and Michelle Heath for leading the children’s services!

Finally, the children worked hard on making decorations for the Sukkah. The younger classes decorated pine cones while the older classes made fruit wreaths and craft stick Magen Davids. The children traveled outside with their teachers to hang their handcrafted decorations, making it extra special. The Sukkah was permeated with the sounds of singing and the smell of pizza! We all danced, heard Rabbi Tom’s educational words, and sang the prayer over the lulav and etrog. Each child then had a chance to shake, shake, shake….shake the lulav! Shake the etrog!

To keep up with the children’s projects and experiences, please visit our Facebook page! Just “like” McHenry County Jewish Congregation on Facebook to see our pictures and invitations.
We have such great momentum rolling with art projects, songs, stories, and so much more. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings us!

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