President’s Report: We Look Ahead as Another Year Passes

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January/February 2018 ~ Tevet/Shevat/Adar ~ Vol. 5778

By Jack Fishman

While the weather has been remarkably temperate, we know that the dark, cold days of winter loom ahead. Yet along with that come the holidays, and regardless of your religious, cultural, spiritual persuasions and your own level of “holiday involvement,” December was meant to be filled with family, friends, and enjoyable experiences.

As the secular New Year approaches, we typically take stock of the year that’s about to pass, and look forward to the new year with hope and aspirations. We hope for a healthy and happy year, a year of time with our family and friends, a year of prosperity, success in our businesses and in our personal lives.

The transitions that we each undergo as the year – and years – pass, become less burdensome as we become more accepting of our current station in life.

Some things linger and are harder to accept than others, but time goes on. There are many things we can change, but many more that we can’t, both in our lives and in our surroundings, and we have to be accepting – and grateful – for what we have and where we are.

As we each take stock of our own lives, we here at MCJC have to gauge where we were and where we are. 2018 will certainly be a year of transition, and yet some things will be static.

We are entering into contract negotiations with Rabbi Samuels, and hope to have a contract with him finalized in the next several
weeks. While we don’t yet have a new slate of candidates to propose for the Board in May, we are working on addressing that issue, and we are trying to identify candidates who may be interested in stepping up to fill the openings that will be available on the Board come May.

It would be fair to say that the last few years have been a bit challenging for many of us at MCJC. But as Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep on going.” And so here we are.

MCJC is poised to enter a new stage of its existence as we look towards 2018. We need everyone’s support and enthusiastic involvement. We need your candid opinions about everything – from religious and spiritual matters, to building and ground concerns, to operations, and the performance of your Board. Take this opportunity, brought on by a new year and the changes that lie ahead, to help make a difference in MCJC’s growth and viability.

My wish for us as we enter the New Year is that we all make the most of the good times we can have with family, friends, and those dear to us; that the new year brings health, happiness, and prosperity to all of us; that the issues that have divided us become less divisive; and that we all are able to be thankful for the good things we have, never forgetting the challenges we may have faced.

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