MCJC Social Action Committee Update

MCJC members prepared and served dinner for the homeless of McHenry County and for PADS volunteers this past December 27 and January 24 at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Woodstock. Fifty-four PADS guests and ten PADS volunteers were fed on December 27, and forty-three PADS guests and fourteen PADS volunteers were fed on January 24. Gene Lindow and his Trio Grille Restaurant, Leslie Cook, Ellen Morton, Amy & Ben Llaneta, Marian Weiss, Brian Silver, Lisa Chiodo, Rachel Bailenson, and Eva Hoffman provided food for the dinners, and Amy & BJ Llaneta, Brian Silver, Lisa Chiodo, and Bruce Weiss served the meals. The meals were delicious and were much appreciated by the PADS guests and volunteers. Watch your enouncements for dates of future dinners.

MCJC has adopted Ridgefield Road between U.S. Route 14 and Country Club Road, and has agreed to pick up litter on Ridgefield Road on a regular basis for a two-year period. Until winter set in, Bruce Weiss picked up litter from Ridgefield Road roughly every ten days and usually picked up between three to five five gallon cans of litter. In addition, MCJC has adopted the Bike Trail along U.S Route 14 between Ridgefield Road and Lucas Road, and has agreed to pick up litter on the Bike Trail once a month for a one year period. Until winter set in, Lizz & John Dewey picked up litter from the Bike Trail once a month, and usually filled one large, black garbage bag.

Howard Frank, MCJC Social Action Committee member, works every Wednesday in support of Habitat For Humanity, McHenry County. In the past two months, Howard has worked at the following Habitat For Humanity, McHenry County building project sites: a duplex home in Wonder Lake, an energy efficient two bedroom home in Cary, and a single family home in McHenry. Hats off to Howard for his work with Habitat For Humanity, McHenry County!

If you would like to lend a hand in any of these efforts, contact Bruce Weiss at

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