Religious School News: The School Year Continues!

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March/April 2018 * Adar/Nissan/Iyar * Volume 5778

By Jennifer Schwartz

The children have jumped head first into more writing and reading in these past months.

Zoe and Aiden show off their Torah-making project.

The older classes have been using their Hebrew reading skills to read and write Valentine’s Day related words and make Valentine’s Day presents for their families.

They have also used their Hebrew writing skills and collected “Mitzvah points” by writing Refuah Shlemah cards for Mrs. Janowitz while she is out. They have been working so hard extending their Hebrew knowledge beyond memorization!

Assembling prayers!

The children have also been coming together on Wednesdays for large group activities. One Wednesday, Mrs. Eskoz hosted a wonderful activity focusing on the children taking large print words and creating familiar prayers. The children were able to create and successfully read the Shema as well as many food blessings.

March 4 is a big event for us all…the Purim carnival! The teachers have planned a fun-filled, family event with food, games, and prizes. Megillah story-telling will start at 9:30 a.m., and we plan on seeing you there with your creative costumes and your groggers ready.

By zeevveez from Jerusalem, Israel – Purim Exhibition at Heichal Shlomo in Jerusalem (17), CC BY 2.0,

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