MCJC-sponsored Feb. 28 PADS dinner a huge success

By Bruce Weiss

Last night’s MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner was a huge success. The food was delicious as usual and more abundant than ever before! And the spirit and teamwork among the 8 servers (yes 8 servers! and we needed everyone) was exceptional. We served 54 PADS guests and 6 PADS volunteers. I heard three comments during the night from guests and volunteers how GREAT! the dinner was.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOOD PROVIDERS: Leslie Cook (golden bean vegetable soup), Gene Lindow and Adam at the Trio Grille (fried chicken and macaroni & cheese), Esther Kaplan (rice pilaf), Amy Llanetta (green beans), Ellen Morton (Asian salad), Rachel Bailenson (rolls), Eva Hoffman (cupcakes), Kim Solomon Dooley (pumpkin pie and apple caramel pie), and Marian Weiss (chocolate cake, apple sauce spice cake, and oatmeal raisin cookies).

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE SERVERS: Amy & BJ Llaneta, Brian Silver, Lisa Chiodo, Kim Solomon Dooley, Briana & Elsie Salgado, and me.

MCJC has a lot of wonderful MITZVAH “PADS” DINNER ANGELS.

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