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May/June 2018 ~ Iyar/Sivan/Tamuz ~ Vol. 5778

By Paula Eskoz

What a busy couple of months we had leading up to Spring Break. In addition to our regular classroom Hebrew/Judaica/holiday studies, we had some really fun special events!

Hard at work making matzah is Sophia, Deborah, Rivka, Sienna, Emily, Zoe, and Dad

This culminated in our early March Purim Fest filled with raucous activity! We began with our Megillah reading, where our costume-clad students enjoyed shaking their homemade groggers to Haman’s
name, as the adults enjoyed partaking in the Goldschlager. This was followed by the community compiling bags for the PADS homeless shelter, filled with much needed toiletries and paper goods. Thanks to all for donations! And, of course, we then held our carnival with some new games and prizes, along with a fun raffle. Thanks to the Maintenance Men, as always, for their delicious picnic that morning.

Sisters Ryleigh and Brooklyn stringing
beads for their Elijah and Miriam cups.

March also brought us wonderful Passover events. Rabbi Scheiman from Chicago joined us for Matzah Making, much to the enjoyment of the students AND the teachers. After a short discussion about the Passover holiday, kids learned how to mix the water and flour. Then while wearing their matzah hats, they rolled the dough and made it “holy”…using a fork. Rabbi baked the matzahs in his oven, and each of the kids was able to take one home…if it got that far! Thanks to Jill Purvin for coordinating this event.

Teacher Paula Eskoz helping several CKI students to string their beads.

We also joined other synagogues at CKI in Elgin for a special Passover program. We were thrilled to have several teachers, Rabbi Tom, and about ten students from MCJC in attendance. The morning consisted of singing followed by several fun stations including a Passover floor game, matzah tasting contest, and seder plate learning.

Rabbi Tom and Rabbi Friedman teaching about Elijah and Miriam’s cups to all the kids.

Rabbi Tom and Rabbi Friedman from Aurora taught the students about Elijah and Miriam’s cups, which was followed by an art activity where the kids were able to decorate their own beautiful glasses to bring home. They also made creative tambourines to use while we danced and sang. A special thank you to Davina Kelly for helping to coordinate this program, and for coordinating the PJY program this year.

Hard at work making matzah is Sophia, Deborah, Rivka, Sienna, Emily, Zoe, and Dad

Happy to report that our grade 2/3 class finished making their Torahs and yads…this was a very exciting project that began last year. We held a Torah parade around the school so they could show off their hard work and creativity. These will head home soon with the children.

We are looking forward to an exciting end of the school year, filled with some Israel activities for the upcoming holidays. Please attend Closing Day on Sunday, May 6.

Students, including MCJC’s Rivka, enjoying a fun Passover floor game led by Davina.

Teacher Davina Kelly with MCJC students Sophia and Deborah.

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