Searching for Your Jewish Treasures

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? You never know what you might discover on the way to locating “the” treasure. What if you discover more treasures in your life than you ever imagined possible?

So try searching for your Jewish treasures. There are no rules about what a “Jewish” treasure is. The only rule is that you tell the rest of your family why the treasures you find are Jewish for you. Of course some of us will immediately find a kiddush cup and think of Shabbat meals. Or a picture that reminds us of a trip to Israel. But what if a pitcher’s glove immediately makes you think and feel, “Jewish?” That’s great! Just tell us why. Why does that pitcher’s glove make you think…”Jewish?”

So here’s one way you can search for your Jewish treasures. At a family dinner, let everyone in your home know they have a week to find their Jewish treasures. Plan to share your treasures with each other at a family dinner a week later and tell each other why these items feel or say “Jewish” to you, the memories or thoughts you associate with them.

What about centering your search around Shabbat meals, sharing your treasures around a Shabbat table at home or Friday evening at MCJC?

If you’d like to share your discoveries with your MCJC community, we’d love to publish them in our MCJC blog. Write up everyone’s contributions and email them to

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