MCJC-sponsored PADS dinners for 2017-2018 an amazing success

The MCJC-sponsored PADS dinners for the 2017-2018 winter season at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Woodstock were an amazing success. They were a success because of all the hard work put in by the following MCJC members: Gene Lindow, Amy, Ben, & BJ Llaneta, Marian & Bruce Weiss, Leslie Cook, Esther Kaplan, Ellen Morton, Brian Silver, Lisa Chiodo, Iza Celewicz, Briana & Elsa Salgado, Kim Solomon Dooley, Rachel Bailenson, Eileen Franks, and Elli Emmons.

The Woodstock Area Community Ministries (WACM,) which oversees the PADS dinner program for the McHenry County homeless, is very grateful for MCJC’s participation in this important community service project. MCJC has an outstanding reputation as a caring congregation among the members of the WACM  community.

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