Torah: Biblical Peace Requires Morality and Justice


The Jerusalem Talmud provides one of the finest formulations of Biblical peace: “The world stands upon three things: justice, truth and peace; and all three are really one: If justice is done, truth is done, and peace is done.”

In other words, only by doing justice can peace be achieved. (Jerusalem Ta’anit 4:2). Peace and well-being can never be attained at the expense of justice and morality.

The Torah’s message of peace is predicated on a complete unwillingness to compromise morality and justice—even if force must be employed to defend them.

Please join us 9:30 a.m. Shabbat morning for study and worship. (Rabbi Tom will be out of town this week. Our members lead parts of the service.


Torah: Numbers 25:10 – 30:1 – Click here.

Haftarah: I Kings 18:46 – 19:21 – Click here.

This week our readings and Torah discussion focus on:

  • First Aliyah: 25:10-13 (P918)
  • Second Aliyah: 25:14-18 (P919)
  • Third Aliyah: 25:19-26:4 (P920)
  • Haftarah: 1 Kings 18:46-19:21 (P938)
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