MCJC Open House A Great Success!

On Sunday, August 26, the MCJC Membership Committee hosted an Open House in conjunction with the Opening Day of School. The day was an opportunity for MCJC to welcome the wider community to meet our teaching staff, board, members and Rabbi Tom and see our MCJC family in action.

All of our guests were treated to a delightful veggie lunch provided by members along with kosher hot dogs grilled up by our very own MCJC Specialty Kitchen Crew.

Everyone had a chance to visit and get to know each other. Here are just a few of the comments we overheard:

  • “…very welcoming community, down to earth people,,,”
  • “Love that it was more than hot dogs…”
  • “Great energy…”

We were pleased to give out two gift bags with two more good to go . . . and happy to welcome back a former member.

Linda Blatchford, Membership Committee Chair, says “Many thanks to the membership committee, teachers, and members for making the Open House a success and for bringing so much food and warmth to the event.”

And MCJC thanks Linda and the Membership Committee for all the energy they bring to developing a membership program at MCJC. The great feeling of the day broadcast to the world (or at least to our local community) what a special place MCJC is.

For more about our MCJC Open House and pictures, check out the article in the Northwest Herald.

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