Our next MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner is December 26

Our November 28 MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner was very successful. The food was delicious, and the servers had a good time serving the meal and washing the dishes.

Yes, doing the dishes! It seems that will be the case going forward. In prior years, a man and wife team came in to do that work, but  unfortunately are no longer available, and no replacement volunteers have been found.

The PADS servers this year have been allowed to use paper products to serve the meal instead of china to reduce the amount of dish washing, but those of us that washed remarked, “There still seem to be a lot of items to wash!”

We fed twenty-seven PADS guests and five overnight PADS volunteers. We are serving many fewer PADS guests this year than last year, so we will recommend appropriately smaller quantities to those who bring food.

Our next PADS dinner is December 26. Thanks to all who worked on this past month’s dinner!  Please get in touch with Bruce Weiss, Social Action Chairperson (socialaction@mcjconline.org) if you would like to get involved with our next dinner.

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