From The Shabbat Version of ‘Baby Shark’ Will Blow You Out of the Water

Read more about this really, really, really popular  video and other great things to enjoy with your kids here:

And watch it here or on Kveller:

From Kveller: If you are a parent to young children, you may have heard the song “Baby Shark” about, oh, some 235,000 to 2.3 million times already. The 60-minute loop of the hit kid song (and dance) has, impressively but unsurprisingly, over 30 million views.

But now, there’s a Jewish version of this ear worm that’s equally annoy… I mean, catchy. Jewish a cappella group the Maccabeats have put out a parody of “Baby Shark” that’s guaranteed to get your kids excited about the holiest day of the week: Shabbat!

Called simply, “It’s Shabbat!” the song chronicles all the awesomeness of this holiday, including challah, yummy food, and every exhausted parents favorite Saturday afternoon activity: nap time. With adorable animation and a cute Shabbat-themed dance, it’s sure to get your kids dancing and singing this Friday (and every) evening!

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