Important News from the MCJC Communications Committee

The MCJC Communications Committee is hard at work on several projects. We’d like to tell you about two of them.

1. We are putting together a congregational database and cleaning our mailing list. In the near future, non-members currently receiving the newsletter will receive a card asking if they would like to remain on the newsletter mailing list for a small yearly fee to offset printing and mailing costs. All current members will continue to receive the newsletter as a benefit of membership.

2. We are making our annual process of gathering information from members much easier for you!

This year, well in advance of our membership campaign, we will send you the Request for Information that usually arrives with your membership packets. The Request will be in the form of a letter with easy-to-update tables that show you what information we currently have in our new database.

All you need to do is confirm that the information is correct or update it or fill in missing information and return the updated form to us.

Please watch for this important mailing during May and plan to return your form as soon as possible. Thank you. ~ From the Communications Committee

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5 Responses to Important News from the MCJC Communications Committee

  1. sandy says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Maija Steele says:

    Thanks for the update.

    • MCJC says:

      Hi Maija – thanks for visiting the site! I notice this email address is not in our database or on our email list for the e-nouncements unless you signed up under a different email address or you are in our database without an email address? If you’d like to receive our weekly e-nouncements, you can sign up in the right column of the site just under Rabbi Tom’s video.

      • MCJC says:

        Hi Maija! I found you — under a different email. Yay! Do you prefer to receive your e-nouncements under that other email address or the one you used here?

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