Thanks to all who helped with the April 24 MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner

By Bruce Weiss, MCJC Social Action Chairperson


The final MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner of the October 2018-April 2019 season took place on Wednesday evening, April 24, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Woodstock.  Twenty-one PADS guests and five overnight PADS volunteers were served. The PADS guests and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and many of them came back for seconds. A few even came back for thirds!

Special thanks goes to Ellen Morton for suggesting that the leftover food from the Passover Seder be used for our April 24 PADS dinner. This was a wonderful idea, and the following items from the Seder were used:  brisket, roasted chicken, cubed potatoes, green beans,  and a large fruit platter. The PADS guests and volunteers liked each of these items, particularly the brisket.

The dinner also included the following food items: a delicious Ramen salad provided by Esther and Bob Kaplan, rolls provided by Bruce Weiss, a wonderful chocolate cake, and an applesauce spice cake provided by Marian Weiss.

Linda and Jerry Trachsler, Brian Silver, and Bruce Weiss served the meal. As usual, we all had a great time working together.

Special thanks goes to the following people for the April 24 MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner: Ellen Morton for packaging the MCJC Passover food items and  getting them ready for delivery to Redeemer Lutheran Church, Leslie Cook for transporting the MCJC Passover food items from MCJC to Redeemer Lutheran Church, and Gene Lindow for his wise counsel on how to safely store and reheat leftover foods before serving.

MCJC has an amazing and wonderful group of individuals who make up the MCJC PADS dinner team. Every food provider and every meal server is special, and did a wonderful job in making the MCJC-sponsored PADS dinners successful this past winter season.

But one person has to be singled out, and that is Gene Lindow. Gene and Chef Adam at the Trio Grille restaurant prepared wonderful entrees for every MCJC-sponsored PADS dinner, with the exception of the April 24 dinner. I know I speak for the entire MCJC PADS dinner team in saying to Gene and Adam, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work, and for all the wonderful entrees you prepared.

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