Annual Meeting Report from “Let’s Have Fun Together” Group

MAY 2018 – MAY 2019

​The goal of the MCJC “Let’s Have Fun Together” initiative is to enhance the social program offerings at MCJC in an effort to help build community. These are events we shared during the past year:

1) Saturday June 9, 2018: attended the Green Room Productions family-friendly improv show at the Cosman Theater in Huntley. Prior to the program, we had dinner at the Kosta’s Restaurant in Algonquin.

2) Saturday July 15, 2018: attended the Woodstock Folk Festival and had a picnic lunch in the park on the Woodstock City Square.

3) Monday December 24, 2018: annual Christmas Eve Chinese Dinner at the New China Restaurant in Carpentersville.

4) Sunday March 10, 2019: Charles Troy’s presentation of “The Creation of West Side Story” at MCJC, followed by a dessert social.

IDEAS FOR MAY 2019 – MAY 2020

1) Attend the Woodstock Folk Festival on Sunday July 21 on the Woodstock City Square park, and have a picnic lunch.

2) Attend a performance of the Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team on Friday night, August 2, at Wonder Lake Beach, and have a picnic dinner.

3) Invite Charles Troy to present the following shows at MCJC: “Irving Berlin: The Ultimate Jewish Immigrant,” “The Creation of The Sound of Music,” and “The Creation of The Wizard of Oz” and have either a dessert social or a pizza dinner.

4) Invite someone to come to MCJC late afternoon on a Saturday to teach Israeli folk dancing, and have a Havdalah service and pizza dinner.

5) Hold the annual Christmas Eve Chinese Dinner at the New China Restaurant in Carpentersville.

6) Hold a Jewish Bingo Night at MCJC on a Saturday and include a Havdalah service and pizza dinner (note: each bingo game would have prizes for an adult winner and a child winner.)

7) Carpool day trip on a Sunday to visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie and have lunch at a Jewish deli.

IMPORTANT: please contact Burl Cohn and Bruce Weiss at and let them know which of the above listed program ideas interest you.

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