Celebrating Shavuot, The Feast of Weeks, June 8

On Saturday, June 8, we celebrate the Festival of Shavuot with Shabbat morning services that include the Yizkor prayer.  Immediately following services, we continue our celebration with an Extended Kiddush, including light fare, Zemirot, and Talmud Torah with Rabbi Tom. Our study session during Extended Kiddush focuses on Shavuot.

Shavuot is a time to focus on Matan Torah, revelation, when Moses received the Torah from God at Sinai.

Our Torah is called “The Book of Life,” Sefer Ha’Chayim. It is something with which to get intimately involved. The Torah is a meeting place where we can encounter holiness in our everyday lives.

Our Torah engages, integrates, and inspires the whole person: it speaks to us about the world we inhabit, and the world we would like to build.

Many people follow the custom of eating dairy foods on Shavuot. My Jewish Learning shares some interesting reasons for this practice. If you can bring veggie or dairy food to share, please let us know what you’ll bring at kiddush@mcjconline.org.

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