Todah Rabbah To All Who Contributed to a wonderful MCJC Open House

More than 40 people attended our Membership Open House, ate, and schmoozed. Guest comments included: “It feels so comfortable here.” “I could learn more about Judaism here.” and “The food was great.”

Todah rabbah to Ellen and Dale Morton for everything, Lois Shartiag for arranging the food, Dara Turnball for acting as Treasurer, Rabbi Tom for being so accessible, and the Communications team for working with us.

I am so thankful to so many current members of MCJC who came to the Open House and helped with membership efforts, in addition to teaching, and serving on other MCJC committees. There were even members who couldn’t be there who dropped off food for everyone to enjoy! If I had to use specific names, you’d be reading most of the membership directory.

Yiddishkeit is the only term that I can use to describe the attitude and atmosphere at MCJC.

“I thankfully acknowledge you, HaShem, for all the many gifts you provide.” Baruch atah Hashem shetovotecha rabim meod.

The next membership committee meeting is on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm, at Panera on Randall Rd. in Algonguin. It is open to any MCJC ambassador including membership committee members. We’ll review the Open House and begin our new buddy membership process to grow our MCJC community.

B’shalom, Linda Blatchford

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