Sept. 29 – Bring Your Family To Help Your MCJC Family Build a Sukkah!

On Sunday, September 29, MCJCers will gather at 9:00 am, or whenever you can come during the morning, for our Annual Sukkah Raising. In past years, it has been great fun to have everyone out doing their share to make this holiday special.

Not only is it fun to build our sukkah, it’s an important part of your children’s Jewish experience. More than books and lessons, these are the memories that will stay with them forever, as they actively participate in creating a Jewish experience with their family and community.

Our own MCJC Maintenance Men, Steve Boress and Dale Morton, will show you everything you need to know and will have the supplies ready. The Purvins will provide coffee and donuts.

Although we’ll be thrilled if you just stop in to help out, it would also be great to let Dale Morton know you can come so we can plan how to use everyone most effectively –

Follow up a great Mitzvah Morning with a wonderful Mitzvah Afternoon. The McHenry County CROP Hunger Walk, in which MCJC is participating with 12 local churches, begins around 1:15 pm. Last year we raised $636! Think we can top that this year? If you’d like more information or want to volunteer to participate in the CROP Hunger Walk, contact Bruce Weiss at or Davina Kelly at

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2 Responses to Sept. 29 – Bring Your Family To Help Your MCJC Family Build a Sukkah!

  1. Judy Berg says:

    Do you need branches, etc. for the sukkah? I have a lot of tree and shrub trimming to do, and can drop off the branches if you could use them.
    Please let me know, thank you.

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