Meet the B’nai Mitzvah

On Saturday, November 2, MCJC and the Purvin family will be doubly blessed when Hunter (הִלֵּל) and Miles (מֶלֶך) become B’nai Mitzvah.

The boys have been fixtures at MCJC for the past five years, and in that time they have learned Hebrew, Judaica, how to lead Shabbat services, and so much more.  They even brought Yarmulkes, Dreidels, and a Torah to Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake to share their love of Judaism with their classmates.

Like most twins, they have completely divergent interests. Hunter enjoys more of the dichotomy of construction (building with LEGOs and destroying with NERF Guns), while Miles is more often found in the kitchen in pursuit of his goal, to become Master Chef Junior, or as an actor on stage performing in various musicals.

Parents Jill and Andy could not be more proud of the two young men in their quests for higher learning. They eagerly anticipate the date when Hunter and Miles share their vision of their Parshah, Noah’s Ark.  Please enjoy the irony of twins reciting the liturgy of “Noah’s Ark.”

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