Religious School News Week of October 29, 2019

As always, things at the MCJC Religious School are hopping!

Last Sunday after Havdalah, students had a chance to practice the Barchu (Call to Prayer) and the Shema as a whole group, and also in smaller class groups.

In addition, we learned about Tefillin, and why we bow or rise on our toes during certain parts of a service.

Students also worked together on a fun quiz about the Fall holidays. They did great! Be sure to check out the quiz (with the answer key) for interested families to do together. You will find the quiz in our Try This At Home section on the website.

The second and third graders were introduced to our next unit, Torah stories. We soon will make our own small Torahs.

Finally, grades four through seven began planning out designs for the Challah trays they will decorate. If your child brought home a sketch, please remind them to bring it to Religious School next Sunday.


Wednesday, October 30 – Religious School, grades 4-7

Sunday, November 3 – Religious School, all grades

Note that this will be our first Sunday on Standard Time. Remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night!

“Shema” by FotoGuy 49057 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

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