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In light of COVID-19 and the inability to predict where we will be as a society over the next few months, Rabbi Tom, the MCJC Board, and Ritual Committee have proceeded to prepare for the High Holy Day season in a manner appropriate for your physical and spiritual safety. It has been decided that we will hold this year’s High Holy Day services online, through Zoom. 

Additionally, the Board of Directors has determined that all ticket costs will be waived this year. We will continue with many of our MCJC High Holy Days traditions, which do not depend on in-person contact. These include our MCJC Rosh HaShanah Greeting Card, Yizkor Booklet, and special honors at services. 

Our High Holy Day Pledge Season has begun! Especially this year, please consider an additional donation to support the efforts being made to keep our “Little Shul On The Prairie” a viable virtual presence during the High Holy Day season and throughout the year. Look in your mailbox for the Pledge card. Return it with your donation, or we can “gently remind” you in the coming months to fulfill your commitment. If you did not receive a Pledge Card, please go to our Home Page, click on the “Donate” dropdown menu, and decide which funds you would like to earmark.

High Holy Days Tzedakah Pledge

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