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Thank you MCJC & our friends and neighbors! What a beautiful Shabbat we shared

“This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears” ~ (Lamentations 1:16).

We are all still in mourning for our murdered brothers and sisters from Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. But in the words of Matthew Arnold, we will continue “…to keep pushing on one’s posts into the darkness, and to establish no post that is not perfectly in light, and firm.”

I want to express how proud I am of the MCJC community’s response in organizing last Shabbat’s vigil, done with unmitigated love and inspiration. A special shout out to Jill Purvin, Elaine Steinberg, Dara Turnball, Ellen Levy, Robb Tadelman, Gene Lindow, George Sachs, Leslie Cook, Linda Blatchford, Dale Morton, Muriel Pick, Bruce Weiss, and so many others, too many to mention.

May those grieving be comforted, and may MCJC continue to be a sacred space of peace, consolation and rebuilding.

Rabbi Tom, MCJC

From the McHenry Chronicle:

And a video:

Shabbat Ba’Bayit: Shabbat in the Home Friday, January 19, 2018, at 6:30 pm

The Sages of old spoke of Shabbat as a glimpse of the World to Come. A gift to us human beings from the Treasure-house of HaShem, The Divine.

All are welcome to bring in Shabbat with prayers, singing and a Kosher Shabbat dinner at the home of MCJC members Steve and Sharon Danzig. Steve and Sharon will prepare a traditional Kosher chicken dinner, just like Bubbe used to make, but even better!

We are past the RSVP date. However, if you do wish to participate, please contact Jill Purvin at, or leave a message with the MCJC office at 815-455-1810, to help us plan.

NOTE: The MCJC building will be closed this Friday night.