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Torah: The Binding of Isaac & the Absurdity of Love

Vayera 2018

Please join us for Shabbat worship and Torah study, 9:30 am.

The Binding of Isaac and the Absurdity of Love… Rabbi Kula teaches that ultimately, our basic human condition requires of us to “embrace the fear that we may burn up in our giving and in our receiving of love.”


Torah: Genesis 18:1 – 22:24  Click here.
Haftarah: II Kings 4:1-37, p. 124 – Click here.

This week our readings and Torah discussion focus on:


  1. Gen. 22:1-8, p. 117
  2. Gen. 22:9-14, p. 120
  3. Gen. 22:15-19, p. 121


II Kings 4:1-37, p. 124

Erev Tisha B’Av Services & Study

Tisha B’Av is culminates the Three Weeks, an annual mourning period when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple and our launch into a still-ongoing exile.

Tisha b’Av is the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, and it is also the date that many other tragedies befell the Jewish people.

And it is the time when we start, as individuals and as a community, to do a Heshbon HaNefesh, an Accounting of our Souls leading up to the High Hoy Days.

Our sages taught: “It is the great dreams that are the foundation of the world.” That the whole world stands only because some people have the courage, the audacity, the Chutzpah, to dream great dreams. So, what is our dream? The Jewish dream?

Please join us for an evening of reflection, meditation, and of study, Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Tisha B’Av 2017

Tisha B’Av 2017

How do we, as Jews, collectively deal with the death and despair that permeates much of our history? How do we actualize our Covenant with God, to become a Nation of Priests that thinks and acts aspirationally? How do we process the losses and traumas, ever so present in our collective memory and psyche, without becoming a cult of death? Where our defining story, our defining metaphor as a people is that of death and survivalism? How do we not become entirely about memory and loss, to the exclusion of the present, let alone the future?