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Torah Study: Matot-Masai 2017

The Promised Land

Zion is aspirational. Beyond the physical land. Beyond a specific place, a particular piece of real estate. That the story of arrival to the Promised Land was never about arrival. That as with all things Holy, Kedusha in Hebrew, what matters is to bring Divinity into our lives. And so, regardless of whether we live in Jerusalem, Paris or Chicago, we must ask ourselves, ask of our community: Now that we are here, what do we have to do in order to make our lives matter? Holy? The Promise Land, after all, is a state of mind.

Torah Study: Be’haalotcha 2017

The Prophet Is Human

Throughout the canon of Jewish literature and history, situation after situation unfold in which our ancestors are thrust into the messy reality that is everyday life. And a thread runs through our stories of acceptance, an embrace of the inherent vulnerability that all of life is. Health, success, love, even hate—everything can change, radically, overnight. Our Jewish traditions teach us to savor the sweetness that is life, the magic of the everyday. Every minute counts because everything eventually comes to an end.