Religious School

Jewish education at MCJC.

The REALLY, No-kidding, FINAL Revised for 2018 MCJC School Handbook available for you to review

Children make up a large proportion of the membership, so MCJC makes it a top priority to instill in our children the language, history, values, and traditions of our people. Through MCJC’s religious school, McHenry County’s young Jewish people make connections with other Jews and foster a sense of community of their own.

Religious school faculty consists of MCJC members who are extremely dedicated to the children’s religious school education. Each teacher participates in Continuing Jewish Education Classes offered by Chicago’s Board of Jewish Education and CFJE.  

​The Religious School program begins with pre-school and continues through high school.  All grades meet Sunday mornings from 9:30am to noon.  In addition, students in grades 2 – 8 meet Wednesdays from 4:30 – 6:00pm.  ​

At every grade level, the religious school curriculum emphasizes Jewish ethics and values as they are expressed through history, holidays and sacred text.  The goal is to help each child become an integral member of the Jewish community and to develop an understanding of their Jewish heritage.  

Each class devotes significant time to the Jewish values of Tzedakah and Mitzvot, which are incumbent upon every Jew.  All classes plan and participate in at least one social action project per year.  A Hebrew curriculum, beginning in kindergarten, prepares students to participate with ease and comfort in synagogue services.  

For more information about our Religious School, please contact us at or at 815.455.1810.

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