EREV SHABBAT (Friday Evening)
“I’m so thrilled that our Friday night Shabbat gathering is growing and becoming a regular thing for so many people. It’s the bright spot of my week to sit down with all of you, eat, pray & schmooze together!” ~ Stacy Feldman, MCJC Member

Imagine a Friday night Shabbat dinner table. Friends, family, people you don’t know just yet, young and young-at-heart… all gathered around the Shabbat table, lighting the Shabbat candles, challah, wine, grape juice, eating, singing, praying.

We are making that Shabbat table a reality at MCJC. On Friday evenings, starting at 6:30pm, we welcome in Shabbat with a community veggie/dairy dinner and musical Kabbalat Shabbat experience, sometimes in the MCJC building, other times in members’ homes. For more information about Shabbat evenings or to host a Shabbat dinner in your own home, please contact Rabbi Tom,

Our Saturday morning Shabbat services start at 9:30am. These are egalitarian services and include Shachrit, Torah and Haftarah readings, a sermon and discussion, all followed by a Kiddush, Nosh and socializing.

For more information, please contact ​Rabbi Tom at​ ​

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