High Holidays 2017/5778

High Holidays 2017

The ancient Jewish process of Repentance, which in the Hebrew, Teshuvah, literally translates as “returning.” An intentional act of changing extant assumptions, habits, and patterns. In fact, Teshuva is not at all about repentance, but really a return, a journey home. Teshuvah is the longing, the yearning, the pining to return to that state of embracing our internalized God…


Tisha B’Av 2017

Tisha B’Av 2017

How do we, as Jews, collectively deal with the death and despair that permeates much of our history? How do we actualize our Covenant with God, to become a Nation of Priests that thinks and acts aspirationally? How do we process the losses and traumas, ever so present in our collective memory and psyche, without becoming a cult of death? Where our defining story, our defining metaphor as a people is that of death and survivalism? How do we not become entirely about memory and loss, to the exclusion of the present, let alone the future?

The Jewish Heart of McHenry County

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